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Talent Outsourcing and Resource Management

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Hi, I am Talent Recruitment & Outsourcing

Talent Outsourcing and Resource Management

We are passionate about matching the very best professionals with the challenges of the world’s most influential public and private organizations. Our development teams create and select  & match the right people with the right client and we do it with care.

As part of our commitment to improving the outsourcing-industry, our clients can expect a flexible approach, benefiting from the knowledge we have built up through almost 15 years of working with people, sourcing  and managing talent.

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Talent Outsourcing Service

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  • Personnel Recruitment and placement
  • Preparing employment working and legal documents
  • Details of how to tackle the findings and an action plan.
  • Complete personnel administration and handling, including employee data management, payroll processing, insurance, relocation, Government regulation compliance, and all other employment-related matters such as providing working equipment, training, and travel arrangements
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Legal, Compliance, and Accountability

Our in-house experts and representatives play an important role in maintaining the highest level of compliance standards towards local industry practices and government regulations. It is important to maintain a healthy and safe professional environment during and after the employment relationship
Live Database, Talent Search and Management

  • Internal personnel database with advanced search management systems
  • Tailored Job advertising sources .
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